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|| શ્રી શાંતિનાથાય નમઃ ||
|| શ્રી કુળદેવી ઝમકાર દેવી માત્રે નમઃ ||
|| શ્રી ઝાંઝણ બાપને નમઃ ||
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How to Reach ?

By Bus
You can reach by Gujarat State Bus Services, Private Bus services or by Taxies to Tharad. The temple of Zamkar Devi Mataji is approx 1 km away from the main bus-stand of Tharad, and it’s located in the central part of the city.
By Train
Indian Train services is available to reach till Palanpur. For Tharad, you have to pick Govt. Bus or Taxy.
By Flight
Flight service is available till Ahmedabad. From Ahmedabad to Tharad you can reach by Govt. or Private Bus or Taxy.
Distance between Tharad and other main cities
From City To City Distance (Km)
Tharad Wav 11 km
Tharad Deesa 61 km
Tharad Palanpur 90 km
Tharad Maheshana 155 km
Tharad Ahmedabad 230 km
Tharad Surat 500 km
Tharad Mumbai 775 km
Tharad Delhi 825 km